Baby Products I Bought But Didn’t Use – Money I Wasted


During pregnancy, I bought so many things (first time mom) and unfortunately there are products that I bought and didn’t end up using. Not because the products are bad but because I had virtually no use for them or my baby just didn’t like them. If I could tell myself something now that I didn’t know back then is don’t buy everything you see just because you think you MIGHT need it.

Newborn Products

Most of the stuff I bought when I was pregnant was for newborns. I wanted anything that could make that time any easier so if a product vouched that it could I bought it.



Breast feeding pillow – these probably could be pretty handy for some people but it just didn’t work for me. I just bought a no-name one from Marshalls on one of my many excursions and I tried it multiple times to no avail. I found it didn’t really help to prop the baby up and I found I was slouched down a lot with it. My baby had a hard time with breastfeeding in the beginning and the way I had to hold her to make sure she was eating the pillow wouldn’t allow for.



Bottles – my baby has been exclusively breastfed except for 3 days in the very beginning when I gave her formula at night before my milk came in. After that she refused to take a bottle at all. Luckily I didn’t buy very many bottles but the ones I did buy are still in the packages like I just bought them from the store yesterday.



Bath seat – I did use my bath seat that I had. It wasn’t really a seat though. It’s called Blooming Bath and it is this plush flower that the baby sat in. I found it easier to just be in the bath with the baby in the beginning and just kept it up when she was an older baby as well. My back hurt every time I bathed her in the sink. Also, that thing was a pain to have to wring out all the water once the bath was over.

Products for 3 Months and Beyond

There are a number of products for 3 months and up that I never used. I bought so many things there was no way I could use it all.



Pacifiers – my baby never wanted to take a pacifier no matter how hard I tried. I got her the Wubba Nub that I thought would be so cute but she never wanted to use it. I tried the other pacifiers I bought as well and she wouldn’t take those either. Good thing I only bought a hand full of those.



Swaddle Sacks – once my baby was older than a couple of weeks she didn’t much like to be swaddled. I used the newborn one a lot but I also bought one for 3-6 months and its still snug in its package waiting to be worn.



Nasal aspirator – another thing I never had to use. It’s good to have just in case though.



Nipple cream – its good to have just in case you have issues with dry, cracked nipples during the trials and tribulations of nursing but luckily I never had that problem and did not need the 2 tubes of the cream of my choice.



Too many blankets – blankets are a necessity for wrapping the baby up in to keep warm, to swaddle, to wipe up a little spit up. They are needed just not an over-abundance of them. I bought many blankets and for some reason it didn’t occur to me that my very crafty Mom, Grandma and Aunts would make me a plethora of them. Naturally I used the handmade ones and the ones I purchased didn’t get used at all.


Don’t Over-buy

So basically now you know I had zero self-control when buying products for my baby. Don’t buy a million products just because you think it may come in handy. If it turns out you need something you don’t have after the baby comes you can always get it. I must have thought that I wouldn’t be able to leave my house for a good year and a half.


Were you able to practise self-control? Did you have any products that didn’t get used? I would love to know in the comments below.






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4 thoughts on “Baby Products I Bought But Didn’t Use – Money I Wasted

  1. Hi,

    This article is an eye-opener for those people who are about to have a baby. Some couples would like to have their baby’s gender a surprise, which is not a problem, the issue is when they start buying a set of blue and a set of pink stuff for newborns before the baby arrives.

    They do not have to do that and I think it is a waste of money, because like you mentioned in the article, everything can be bought later on when the need arises.

    Thank you,


    1. Yes this is true and one of the reasons why I wanted to find out the gender. I don’t know what would have happened if I was buying both girls and boys stuff.

  2. I think we’re all guilty of buying products just because we thought we would need it in future, I know I am. Especially when they are offered on sale, lol. But nowadays I am practicing minimalism so it’s not a problem anymore. By the way, I don’t have a baby yet, but I’ll keep your experience in mind so I don’t get excited when it’s my turn (smile and wink). So what would you do with all those stuff you’re not using?

    1. Yes sales are the worst for that! I’m going to save it in case we have another baby in the future. If we don’t, then I’ll probably donate it.

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