Body Image After Baby – Things May Be Looking A Little Different Than Before

We’ve all been in the check out line at the grocery store looking at the covers of the magazines. We glance at one that is promoting a female celebrity that has lost all the weight in record time and has a better body than she did before and actually credits having babies has made her body better. Then we look at ourselves and still have some weight to lose months, even years after.

Your Body Is Not The Same As Before

That stomach may not be as flat as it once was even though you have shed all the weight you gained, or you may even still have weight to lose. You may have some stretch marks. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Your body did an amazing thing and went through something pretty traumatic. It needs time to recover from that. I read somewhere that it can take as much as 1 year and a half to fully recover from having a baby.



Moms also have less time to work out and are often eating on the go which is another reason why our bodies look a little different and it’s okay. We will get there it just might be in a bit longer time frame than when we were childless. I still have quite a bit of baby weight to lose and my baby is now a toddler at 16 months.

Normal Moms Don’t Have Access To A Team Of Nannies/Personal Trainers

Getting back to the celebrities we see in the media weeks and mere months after having their babies looking flawless and like they were never even pregnant to begin with. Don’t we just hate them? And all the magazines seem to just love rubbing it our faces, don’t they?



Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of having nannies to tend to the baby so we can get a work out in with our live in personal trainer. We also don’t have a team of people who can go grocery shopping for us to make sure we have only the healthiest food in the house for that optimal 3 week post-partum slim down.



Celebrities lives are not the reality we face which is caring for the baby 24/7 all the while making sure everything else we need to get done is done so our houses don’t completely fall apart. There is hardly any time for us.



I remember being so tired for the first 3 months that the thought of working out didn’t even cross my mind.

Love Yourself

Your body created and grew and birthed an actual human being. Give credit where credit is due. So you may have some excess weight, some stretch marks, slightly bigger feet, slightly wider hips, etc. but these are all the things you got because of that.



We should celebrate what our bodies did and learn to accept the new additions (if you will) to our bodies. Weight can be lost (and most likely will be) but the other things stick around to remind you (like you’d forget) what your body did.



Your body may never look the way it did before but that shouldn’t be a bad thing.



Did you struggle with your new body after baby? I would love to know in the comments below.







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6 thoughts on “Body Image After Baby – Things May Be Looking A Little Different Than Before

  1. I agree! I know mine is not the same, but I have accepted it for what it is and I am fine with it 🙂 I think we all need to be. After all, as you said, we did birth a precious human being. It was all worth it!

  2. I’m so glad you mentioned the celebrities in your post. I think women forget that most of these women have HELP HELP. The average mom doesn’t have a helper to drop in and bring them freshly pressed workout clothes and an ice cold bottle of Fuji water. The helper also doesn’t whisk the baby away to the nannies and schedule the personal chef to be at your home promptly after you workout and have your spa time.
    The reality is that being a mom is hard work. It’s beautiful. Hard work. And what’s most important is the precious time you get to spend being with (and bonding) with your child. That’s what the kids will remember, too. You, their beautiful mom, spending time (precious time) with them. 🙂

  3. This post is true of most mothers. We beat ourselves up if we think we don’t look good enough. As you say we have done something awesome in giving birth to a baby and usually are so exhausted looking after the little one have scant time to do the same for yourself.
    When I see the pictures in the magazines of the rich and famous and their gorgeous bods, I know that there is this thing about air-brushing and know that most of those pictures, if not all have been air-brushed.
    Walking the baby in the stroller helps to get rid of some of the baby fat and also being conscious of what you put in your mouth. Remember, two minutes in the mouth, two years on the hips. Ha Ha

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