How To Know You Are Ready to Have a Baby


There are many factors that played into my husband and I being ready for a baby when we were. Not everyone will be ready for the same reasons but this is how we knew we were ready. I’m not saying that everyone needs to have all of these things to have a baby and if you don’t have these things you were not ready. This is just how we knew we were ready to expand our family.

Stable Careers

We both had spent many years building our careers up to a point where we were pretty stable, we had gotten out of those early years when you typically get paid significantly less due to lack of experience, etc.


In beginning for both of us in our careers we had a tough time at first. We were not getting paid very much and money was way tight.


My husband was in and out of work from time to time due to being in construction and also being one of the younger ones. All the more experienced workers got most of the work and he would get whatever was left.



Back then I couldn’t have imagined having a little human to take care of on top of that. It took us quite a few years to move up the ranks and have a chance to earn more money and have a more comfortable life.



It was a personal preference for us to not have a baby until we reached a point where we could take care of ourselves and still have money left over to take care of another person and still be okay.

Owned Our House

Our road to home ownership was a rocky one to say the least. We always wanted to be homeowners but it wasn’t so simple. It took a lot of hard work and saving and watching credit scores to be able to buy our first house, once we did finally succeed it felt really good to have finally done it. And it inched us closer to becoming parents.

Mentally Ready

I feel like this took the longest. We were well into our 30s we had our daughter and I’m glad we waited that long. It gave us time to have fun in our 20s and living without any responsibilities which I feel like is important for a couple.



We got to do what we wanted when we wanted to do it without having to worry about hiring a babysitter, etc. There was a point where I was wondering if I was ever going to be ready to have kids. I know people say that you’re never ready. Maybe on some level that is true. You are never fully ready but by the time I was nearing 31-32 years old I felt like I was ready and started to get the baby itch real bad.



Everyone reaches this stage at different points in their life if at all. I think it took me a little longer than some, I must have needed a few extra years to really live carefree. Now that I have my daughter I am grateful that I had all those years to do all that stuff but I am more grateful to have her and be a home body.

You Have No Problem Being Around Crying Babies



In my 20s if there was a baby near me crying, I probably would have run the other direction. When I started to not mind being around them, say at the grocery store full-on crying in the line and even found them cute during their fit I knew I was getting closer to being ready. Now I’m that lady in the grocery store with the crying child. How times change!

It’s Different For Everyone



Some couples have babies in their early 20s and wouldn’t change a thing while others like me wait until they are older and still wouldn’t change a thing. This is meant as a light-hearted checklist for those wondering how the heck anyone is ever ready for this humongous change. If you did things differently from me, good for you! As long as babies are loved and cared for all the rest doesn’t matter.


How did you know you were ready? Or were you ready? I would love to know in the comments below.





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6 thoughts on “How To Know You Are Ready to Have a Baby

  1. Hi Erin,
    i enjoyed your post. Our first grandchild has just been born and my son and DIL seem to have had more common sense than we did by not rushing into having a family. Like you they got their foundations in place, mostly financial but also established that they intend to stay together.
    Having a baby changes everything and can put all sorts of pressure on a relationship – everyone suffers as a result.
    People like you should have more babies as i am sure you make great parents.
    Big hugs,

    1. That is true. Stability in that the couple sees themselves staying together for the long run. Of course, things happen and it doesn’t go according to plan. It seems a lot of people are choosing to wait a little longer these days.

  2. Me personally I wasn’t ready. I had my first child at 16. And boy it was hard and still continues to be hard even though he is 21. But I still wouldn’t change anything either. We grew up together and I think we learned a lot of lessons that we will cherish.
    As far as ease, yes I think it would have been better if I waited, stability would have been nice. But I also look back now and love the challenges.
    Great post I think it could be very helpful to a lot of people who are thinking of having babies. Thank you

  3. This is basically the checklist my husband and I followed. We were older (I was 29) but were stable financially and established careers.
    But, like you said…it is what worked for us. Everyone’s checklist may be different .

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